a girl can dream

welp, it’s the new year and, along with my resolutions to 1) be the best mommy to my 2 boys 2) bring sexy back (this isn’t just about losing weight, but actually getting healthy and fit) 3) read more, tv less 4) find a creative outlet, and 5) get a job (now that my youngest and little special needs kiddo is school-age i can rejoin the workforce),  i promised myself i’d come up with a project to keep me writing and help quell my obsession with unattainable fashion. and since i can’t afford haute couture and i’m not a size 2, i’ve decided a healthy alternative would be to publicly obsess about it instead.

so i bring you #dressobsessed. either you’re welcome or get lost.

what exactly got the blog juices flowing now? a long, daydream session watching elie saab’s haute couture spring/summer 2012 and fall/winter 2012-2013. holy fark, batman. check this out and see if it doesn’t get you all gooey in the nethers (16 and 29 especially!). i could literally write an entire post on all 46 dresses, but… well, maybe i’ll save that for another post.

another designer that i tend to obsess about is Vera Wang. she and elie saab both quite literally make me melt into a giant heaping puddle of swooning goo. not so glamorous, i know, but c’mon… have you SEEN their dresses?!

a dream in teal!

a dream in teal!

vera wang 2013 full

vera wang wedding 2013

if you’re wondering when and why this healthy dress obsession started, allow me to take you back to the ’80s and little ol’ tomboy me watching The Sound of Music for the gajillionth time. For some reason i finally started paying attention to Baroness Schraeder’s wardrobe. the dress that sealed the deal for me was the golden floor-length sheath she wore for the Von Trapp ball:

baroness schreader gown front

baroness dress front

baroness schreader gown side 1

baroness dress side

it’s so simple, and i’m not really a fan of gold, but the twisted gathering in the back on the left is what sort of takes it over and beyond. oh, and the giant tulle bloom/bow thing on the front left shoulder. oh, and the gloves, too. oh, and the fact that she’s a total glamour-hound in this role and wears everything well. note: i’m not saying i dig her understated, back-handed bitchiness, but she’s classy on the eyes.

i did a little research on the designer and learned that the wardrobe for this movie was designed by Dorothy Jeakins who was a freelance designer (she never signed with a studio or a label) who, along with fellow designer Barbara Karinska, won an Oscar for Joan of Arc (1948) starring Ingrid Bergman, which was the first Oscar ever awarded for costumes in film. she went on to win another 2 Oscars for Samson and Delilah (1949) and The Night of the Iguana (1964), and was nominated an additional 12 times throughout her career.

the other dress that had me melting was Audrey Hepburn’s dress for the Embassy Ball towards the end of My Fair Lady. heck, any dress in that movie or, let’s face it, any dress worn by Audrey, ever, is worthy of mention here, but her gown for this ball quite literally took my breath away and was/is utterly timeless.

my fair lady embassy gown 2

Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady

my fair lady embassy gown 1

embassy ball gown from My Fair Lady

and can you say ‘neckline’? this dress is almost, and probably should be seen as, ethereal, but the jewels and bling staring back at me makes this a solid 10 on the glamour gown scale and is definitely a dress worthy of a Duchess. but then again, it could just be that it was on Audrey Hepburn and how she carries herself in it and the way it fits her (and that neck) might have a little something to do with what makes it so breathtaking. methinks it could stand on its own, though. n’est ce pas?

fast forward to the late ’90s through now and my growing fascination, ok obsession, with Red Carpet fashion and the runway started taking its secret grip on me. i would ‘ooh and aah’ with the best of ’em, but i would never let on that i was truly paying attention to color, cut, texture, fit, bling, etc. something no one knew about me was that i had (and still do) a fantasy closet of Bags, Dresses, Hair, Jewelry, Make up, Pants, Shoes, Skirts, and Tops. whether it was cut-outs from magazines or a Fashion folder on my computer, i’m always obsessing over different styles and trends. not kidding. i used to doodle clothes and bathing suits as a little girl (along with snakes, floorplans, and spaceships) and always had ideas of what i’d like to create… if only i could draw and sew. if only sports and boys weren’t more important back then.

but i digress. i am but a mere mortal and followed a different path.

never say never, though. right!?

let’s start small, however, and focus on what the heck i should bring to the blog and how i should group my little obsessions. i’ve got a lot to be excited about.

#dressobsessed out!

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