day 3/365: Catherine Malandrino & the Little Black Dress

switching things up a little with a gorgeous America Ferrera in a LBD by Catherine Malandrino. oh how i love this dress… let me count the ways. love the sleeves. love the cut of the collar. love the belt (and i’m not really a belt girl). love the length. don’t totally love the slit, but i can forgive that. love how it fits her and accentuates her curves in all the right ways.


America Ferrera in Catherine Malandrino at Deauville 2010

…and the money shot! did i mention i love the collar?!

america ferrera deauville 2010

America Ferrera in Catherine Malandrino

this is something you could literally wear to anything and dress it up or down. versatility at its finest, eh!? i can already picture the endless combos of jewelry and coifs to set the tone for any event.

and while i’m on a LBD kick, here’s another Malandrino hottie…

catherine malandrino f.w 2011

Malandrino F/W 2011

i see slurpee runs and grocery shopping. a PTA meeting, perhaps.

it rocks my kasbah, though. if only i had a rock ‘n roll inductee ceremony to attend.

p.s… is that Kate Middleton under there?


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