day 6/365: Marchesa & the Red Carpet


i couldn’t make up my mind… er, rather, i couldn’t settle on just one dress for today, so i’m highlighting three and they’re all courtesy of Marchesa‘s Spring 2013 Prêt-à-Porter collection. there’s a rather obvious Indian influence going on, which i LOVE, and the mix of sari-inspired cuts and colors is exciting!

this is the first one that caught my eye and i’m not sure why…

marchesa spring 2013 rtw 1

Marchesa’s Spring 2013 Prêt-à-Porter

oh wait, yes i do. it’s the rich combination of deep red/mauve and, i’m guessing, gold or silver, it’s patterned without the dizzy, shiny without being blinding, and the draping over one shoulder with a TRAIN! not sure why the train matters most, but i like it paired with the asymmetrical hem and the fact that it’s not floor-length. it’s fun, minus that weird short-skirt/long-train thing i just can’t get into. i would like to see it in a floor-length, too, though. i think it would give it a much more formal look (as an option).


since it’s smack dab in the middle of engagement season, the wedding planner in me is thinking about wedding dresses, too. well, more than usual, anyway. this one could go either way. there’s something very regal going on here. perhaps it’s the cape/train (i can’t figure out what’s going on back there) and the laced collar and capped sleeves. and the fact that it’s not a stark white or ivory makes it seem much more… special.

marchesa spring 2013 rtw bridal

Marchesa’s Spring 2013 Prêt-à-Porter

i’d honestly need to see the back before i get too gaga for it, but i really like what i see from the front. i’d slap some color on the feet, though. or maybe not. hhmmm… black, perhaps. yesssss. black. the dichotomy would be most excellent.


and last, but not least, is this sassy number. it’s ballroom-y without the bogo pogo (that’s a Strictly Ballroom reference for those who didn’t get it) and i need an excuse to wear it. like, now.

marchesa spring 2013 rtw 2

Marchesa’s Spring 2013 Prêt-à-Porter

i know a few celebs who tend to wear Marchesa so i hope to see at least 4 this awards season. that’s right. i said 4.

speaking of… the Golden Globes are coming up soon! and the People’s Choice! guess who has two thumbs and will be glued to Red Carpet coverage?

why am i such a whore for these things?


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