7/365: Farah Angsana & The People’s Choice Awards


So guess what’s on tonight………

I went back and looked at a bajillion Red Carpets from People’s Choices past and saw a few I liked, but only two had me looking more than once, and only one had me peeking thrice.

This little ditty right here:


Lisa Edelstein in Farah Angsana at People’s Choice 2011

The lovely Ms. Cuddy from House in Farah Angsana!

This dress is so cute! It’s short, it’s strapless, it’s sparkly, it fits her well, and her shoes bring it all together. Hell, yeah! Solid People’s Choice Awards attire. Since this is one of the shows that tends to be a bit more laid back, we get to see a lot more perk and quirk on the carpet… that can sometimes be a bad thing, though.

I’ll leave it at that so I’m not callin’ anyone out.


Yet again, I had to go get my learn on and do a little research on this designer and found some fun ones. There were a few that made my eyes pop, but I tried to pare it down for my own sweet sanity’s sake.

Numero Uno

farah fall 2012 long

Farah Angsana 2012

farah fall 2012 long close up

Farah Angsana 2012

It might be that it’s on a gorgeous black model, but I can picture Michelle Obama in this. No?

Numero Dos (i liked the longer one and had to include the shorter version)

farah fall 2012 short

Farah Angsana 2012

Those shoes are hot – I love them with the dress!

farah fall 2012 short close up

Farah Angsana 2012

In this one I’m picturing a grown up Hermione (Emma Watson).

And now for Third Base…

I mean Number Threeeeeeeeee


Farah Angsana 2011



Farah Angsana 2011


Who do you think could get away with this on a red carpet, if anyone at all? What would you guys think if someone showed up wearing this?


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